They’re both about sharing pictures and videos and both have loyal fans. So why do more marketers prefer Instagram over Snapchat?

The answer is really about numbers and reach. Sure, no single user is going to reach ALL the users of either channel, but there’s a lot of more of them to go around on Instagram, which can be appealing to businesses wanting to get the word out.

So to a business trying to reach a high number of users on one channel, the 1 billion active monthly accounts and 500 million monthly active users exceeds the 150 million users of Snapchat.   

Plus, similar demographic data projects that Instagram is expected to continue to grow in the next few years, while Snapchat is expected to decline or at least stay steady. These figures are based on rates of growth for both channels over the last few years.

Other factors that make Instagram appealing to businesses seeking opportunities to reach their users include:

  • Brand familiarity. Most digital marketers are familiar with Instagram and also familiar with its parent company, Facebook. Though there are concerns about what Facebook does with user data, it still makes advertising fairly simple. Snapchat, a newer channel, is less familiar
  • Age range. Snapchat is considered more appealing to younger users, especially millennials, while Instagram is more of a general use platform for all ages.
  • Changing role. Snapchat seems to be focusing on being an instant messaging service that makes it easier to chat and share images, while Instagram is evolving into an e-commerce platform where people and businesses can share photos. This latter option could be more appealing to businesses especially when Instagram also has an established niche.
  • More tools. While Snapchat is known for silly filters to make images fun, Instagram offers more serious editing abilities to improve the quality of photos. Plus, it offers an entire suite of ‘serious’ tools for businesses to promote themselves and their brand. This also includes some useful analytic services so you can see how popular your posts and ads are.  

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