If you use Facebook marketing tools, you may be aware of the Lookalike Audiences functionality. This is an interesting feature available for advertisers. It is something that many small businesses fail to use even though it could be very helpful. Learn more about this below to determine if it is a solution you should be exploring.

What Is a Lookalike Audience?

Is your current advertising strategy providing diminishing returns? Perhaps you have been using Facebook ads but keep reaching the same users. Those members of your audience are either already customers or not interested. In short, you aren’t seeing as consistently high conversion rates.

A lookalike audience is a target audience for your ads that is similar to your current audience but made up of different users. This functionality helps you to create campaigns that will bring your ads to new users, helping you to improve your conversion rate and grow your business.

How It Works

Facebook allows you to create a lookalike audience from your custom audiences. These are the audiences you create using email lists, website visitor lists and converters. Basically, they are the ad targeting audiences you create from your existing marketing targets.

Custom audiences use your outside lists to find and target those contacts on Facebook. However, they do not extend beyond what you input into the system.

Using a lookalike audience lets you find similar people to those on your existing lists. In other words, Facebook can help you find hundreds, thousands or even millions of users that share similar interests and behaviors with your current, custom audience.

Getting Started

Starting with lookalike audiences is easy. These are the simple steps you need to follow:

  1. Create or Choose a Custom Audience: If you already have a custom audience, you are in great shape. Otherwise, create one from your existing email list. You can also use data from previous website visitors.
  2. Start Your New Audience: Create a lookalike audience using the custom audience. You will need to select a geographic audience to target. If you are selling online, consider pulling from the whole U.S.
  3. Narrow the Audience: Incorporate other targeting factors to narrow down the audience. Perhaps you want to include some demographic filters, for example.

Learn More

Discover more about the power of Facebook Advertising. With the right help, you can achieve some impression ROI on your campaigns on the social network. Start exploring today.