Social media influencers can have a powerful impact on your social media marketing initiatives, simply because they can bring with them their own built-in audience, and can impact their purchasing decisions. That makes it important for you to work with these influencers, but you have to do this in a way which makes it beneficial for both sides, and which does not end up souring relations between them and your business team. Here are some tips on how to work with social media influencers.

Follow Federal Guidelines

Make sure you adhere to guidelines issued by the Federal Trade Commission, with regard to disclosure. Basically, this means including both written and verbal disclosure of any partnerships in effect. Where hashtags are used, they must be placed in a very visible setting, so readers can easily find them.

Be Prepared to Sacrifice Creative Control

In most cases, a social influencer will already have done a lot of work to build up their personal following, and that means they will probably not accept any kind of arrangement where their following might be jeopardized or alienated. You’ll probably have to allow your influencer to create their own personal message to followers so that it seems more authentic to those followers, and so the influencer is more comfortable with it.

Use Influencer Messaging on Your Own Channels

You don’t need to limit your collaboration with an influencer to just the social media where he/she already has their following. You can give your business a considerable boost by cross-posting the message on your own channels so that it benefits both you and the influencer.

Measure Your ROI

When you get around to measuring the effectiveness of your influencer campaign, don’t be dazzled by the number of likes, shares, or comments. The bottom line for these campaigns, like any other campaign, is still your return on investment. Did sales go up significantly as a result of your influencer involvement? Did you acquire a significant number of new leads that you can nurture? Be objective in assessing the success of your influencer campaign, so you’ll know whether or not it’s worth repeating, or whether you should move on to the more fertile ground.