Search engine optimization has long been one of the most powerful and effective methods for improving a brand’s visibility online. While the trends and specifics surrounding the optimization process tend to change from quarter to quarter, there are still a few components of the process that remain constant through each iteration. Namely, the keyword you put into copy will play a major part in whether or not your optimized pages are successful at attracting new customers. In order for you to pick keywords that make sense for your industry, consider these tips.

Cast a Wide Net at First

Specificity is vital with your choice of words in your digital copy. However, you need to start your journey in a more general way. Consider your industry at first. If you run a business that has to do with manufacturing, for example, you can do yourself a big favor by first researching popular words and trends associated with searches with the manufacturing industry. You likely won’t be using a lot of these words in your final copy, but you will benefit greatly by giving yourself a general idea of the words connected to the field you’re in.

Remember Intent and Context Matter

The next step with selecting the right keyword in any situation is by thinking about two main points: intent and context. Words can have an infinite amount of meanings when strung together. This means you want to make sure you are as specific as possible with how you use the words you pick. Shoving the words randomly into your copy will easily get your site flagged by Google and other search engines. To ensure your site ranks high, you absolutely want to use the keywords with strict intention and in a sensible context.

Use a Program

The trouble with SEO is that it is not a one-and-done process. To yield benefits in the long-term, you absolutely need to update your copy every now and again in order to make changes to fit new consumer search trends. To make life a bit easier, you may want to think about using a program design for helping you with your research. Since the keywords and phrases surrounding consumer searches can change on a daily basis, a program can be a great investment that helps you save time and always find the perfect fit for your copy.

Selecting the right keyword can make a world of difference when it comes to marketing your business. Take time to devise a strategy and see how you can improve the way you promote yourself online.