Every good marketer needs a great strategy, and when it comes to your small business, the basic paid advertisement is no longer the best way to go. With the constant advancement of technology and the undeniable power of mobile phones holding onto consumer attention, there’s no doubt that creating a digital marketing plan is an essential tool for your brand’s success. However, while pretty images and bold text can go a long way in attracting customers, it’s creative content that’s the true king of the industry. When you’re hoping to develop an effective marketing campaign for your company, but you don’t understand the importance of content in your approach, look to these helpful reasons as to why you need a top-notch content marketing strategy.

To start, it’s no secret that business owners are looking for every way imaginable to generate more leads. Well, in today’s world, the best way to do that is through relatable, informative content. Many buyers now rely on informed blogs or highly-descriptive social media posts to gain a better understanding of a product or service, as opposed to trusting the average paid advertisement that they turned to in the past. Meanwhile, small business websites with a frequently updated blog can experience a substantially greater amount of traffic to their site, while businesses without a blog remain undetected. Therefore, if you’re looking to hook more leads, content marketing should be a crucial component of your strategy.

Furthermore, posting consistent content allows you to expand your company’s reach while also increasing your brand’s exposure. Cleverly-worded content with SEO-ready keywords can be highly effective in landing your business on the top pages of basic online searches, which is where many customers these days go to research a product or service before buying. If you have solid content available that persuades a customer to buy, they could then share that same content to their social media pages or their own blogs, spreading the word about your company without you having to lift a finger. Adding video posts or AI-based ads is even more powerful as shareable content that’s sure to make the rounds online.

And, perhaps most importantly, this method of marketing can help more customers understand your story, giving insight into the heart and soul of your business through your own brand voice. Implementing such a personal touch is paramount to building strong customer relationships for the long term.

Overall, a solid content marketing strategy is the best way to attract more buzz around your brand. Remembering these reasons to choose content over basic paid ads can help elevate your company’s marketing campaign in no time.