Part of the appeal of Instagram has always been its focus on photos, especially in comparison to ‘word-heavy’ social media channels like Facebook or Twitter.

Instagram made it easy to create, post and share your images and other people’s images. Businesses also found that Instagram helped them build their brand by showing different uses of their products or services.

To further enhance the ability to get the word out, the company now offers Instagram Video, where you can easily record, post or share your memories, thoughts, and observations.  Video can be more exciting and dynamic, as opposed to thumbing through static images – videos have sound and motion that can’t be duplicated.

Some of the strategies for improved and better quality Instagram video include:

Hold things steady. Unless you’re deliberately going for the ‘shaky’ look, find ways to be as solid as possible when you film. Look for methods to prop up your cameras, such as a tripod, a tabletop or at least a level area.

  • Keep it slow. People tend to rush their delivery when they’re a little nervous or they’re speaking spontaneously. Speaking fast could have the possibility of making it difficult to hear your voice. Instead, practice what you have planned to say, and consider timing how long your entire speech can run.
  • Emphasize the call-to-action at the end. Just like a print ad or an online landing page should include specific instructions on what to do and how to buy. Say what you want people to do – go to our site, respond to our question by email, subscribe, visit our shop, etc.
  • Turn the camera/phone sideways. This will give you a larger area to include in your final video. Because most phones automatically adjust, viewers won’t have to turn their head to see your brilliant content.
  • Length. People may not want to stick through a 10-minute video but they may enjoy something that doesn’t last longer than two minutes.
  • Type of video. Instagram offers options, either a 15-second loop or something longer.  

For more Instagram video options, visit Drive Digital Demand.