Learning web development is a worthy goal, but it’s not easy. Still, with all the resources (many found free online) today, it’s very do-able if you’re motivated and patient.

Heed these tips:

  • Start with an exciting, truly desired project: This will provide the essential motivation that you need to get started learning web development. Maybe you want to build your own website for your business or just a site to get your personal thoughts out to the world. Maybe you have a business idea that is perfect for this moment in time. This is the time to start learning to code and develop websites. Your project needs will also help you narrow down what part of web dev you need to learn first.
  • Begin with an essential coding language: Don’t pick a programming language that is esoteric, little used, unproven or proprietary. You need to learn a foundational skill that is widely used and should continue to be popular in the industry. Python and Javascript are excellent candidates to begin your web development education.
  • Come at it from different perspectives: Different people learn in different ways, so use a number of resources. Read the explanatory text and try the sample lessons from different online web development gurus. (If you understand the lesson from the first resource you try, excellent. However, if you need further practice, check out another online class or tutorial.) One tutorial may explain in a way you better understand. The different ways that each “teacher” uses to explain the same lesson can also help to reinforce your knowledge.
  • Incorporate learning tools and brain hacks: Use some of the established research about how adults learn, and how brains function, to help you learn quickly. For instance, you can learn more thoroughly by calling upon your memory before re-reading lesson text or looking up an answer. To help you persevere with your lessons, work with a friend so that you’re committed to working together at agreed-upon times.
  • Create something practical: Start building real websites or pages right away, so that you get something usable out of your work almost immediately. This helps to keep you motivated. 

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