Earned media is content that promotes your brand, generated by others online, such as press coverage, influencer mentions and backlinks, as well as comments from your followers on social media, and even online reviews. Earned media is spontaneously generated by interested parties who are aware of your business, and impressed or moved to comment on it, or link to it. Rather than waiting for earned media to come your way, try these expert tips for generating earned media.

How to Orchestrate and Optimize Earned Media Online

Even though you’re not directly paying for earned media, and not writing it yourself, you still have some control. Here’s how to make earned media happen for your business:

  • Set a clear objective: This could be increasing the reach of your brand, developing a specific new audience, or promoting one of your services/products.
  • Take aim at your target: Laser focus on the goal you’ve identified from Step 1. You’ll work on getting influencers interested in writing/creating content about it.
  • Find out what activates the target audience: Learn what type of content your target audience shares or comments on, what they are concerned about, and where they hang out online. This helps ensure that you’ll reach them with earned media content that’s meaningful and sharable.
  • Locate outlets and industry thought leaders who could help: Who has credibility with the audience you want to reach? Which influencers do they follow on social media? What online blogs or media do they read/watch?
  • Pitch: Contact appropriate journalists, bloggers and influencers. Send a press release or propose an idea that you and the influencer could do together to promote/benefit your brands. There should be something in your pitch that will boost their business and/or interest their audience/followers. Example: If your product is eco-friendly and they typically focus on sustainability, would they like to talk about your product (pre-release) or review it (if already on the market)?
  • Share the media attention you’ve earned: Share links via email, social media and on your website. This maximizes the number of people who see the coverage you’ve earned, and also boosts the business profile of the content author or creator. It’s a win win!

Earned media can help you attract more attention and gain more business, partly because it’s more believable and convincing than ads you’ve paid for, or content you have authored/posted yourself. Learn more about boosting your business online. Contact Drive Digital Demand today.