No matter what social media platform you’re using, you have likely seen quite a few hashtags floating around. These useful little phrases are the perfect way to help consumers find the content they’re looking for. However, while they may seem easy to use, it can sometimes get a little tricky. Use the following tips to up your hashtag game.

1. Don’t Use Too Many

You might think that more is better, but that is certainly not the case here. If half of your post is just a list of hashtags, it makes your content look a bit like spam. It can also detract from your actual message.

2. Keep Track Of What Works For You

Not everyone is going to respond to a certain phrase in the same way. Your audience may react more positively toward certain hashtags than others. Keep track of your data and determine what your consumers are into.

3. Know What You’re Saying

If you don’t know what a hashtag means, don’t use it. You might end up saying something that you didn’t intend. Always do your research and figure out the meaning behind a phrase before you stick it into your social media posts.

4. Don’t Use Complicated Phrases

Hashtags are best when they are short and sweet. Because there are no spaces between words in a hashtag, it can be difficult to read them when they are too long. Limit yourself to one- or two-word phrases.

5. Mix It Up

It’s great to find phrases that work well for your brand, but don’t just use the same few hashtags over and over. Test out new keywords every so often and, if they get a positive response from your audience, you can add them to your rotation.

6. Relate Your Hashtags to Your Content

While you will be able to reach more people by putting a wider range of hashtags into your posts, you should make sure that you are not using phrases that don’t relate to your content. This will make your account seem less genuine and could have an impact on the reputation of your business as well.

Because most people now have access to the internet through computers as well as mobile devices like tablets and smartphones, many businesses are turning to social media to increase their consumer base. It is a great way to reach a larger audience and you are missing out if you don’t take advantage of it. Using hashtags well is a valuable skill when it comes to your online presence, so keep these tips in mind when creating your next post.