Most marketers these days are aware that the landscape of social media is constantly changing, and that it is, therefore, necessary for them to constantly re-evaluate their strategies. Social media are becoming de facto business tools, which means marketers have to research the best strategies and find ways that these tools can be used to achieve their business objectives.

Nailing Down ROI

Engagement and online presence are important in social media marketing of course, but the majority of the social media has now reached a point where it’s actually possible to nail down some fairly accurate numbers regarding return on investment. Up till now, this has been something of a challenge, but the maturity of marketing technology and the rise of attribution are now helping marketers to establish a clearer picture of how social media networks can increase return on investment.

Choosing the Right Platforms

Since it’s now possible to have more solid ROI figures, it should also become more apparent which of the social media platforms is most advantageous for any given business. Those platforms which provide lesser return should be either ignored altogether or should have minimum investments allocated to them.

Mixing Paid and Organic Advertising

By now it should be obvious that there are advantages to both paid and organic advertising in your social media marketing, and that when both are used together, some terrific results can be achieved. By striking just the right balance between paid and organic advertising, any company should be able to reach its target audience quite effectively.

Using Micro Influencers

In the past, it was automatically assumed that only major influencers could bring about a serious impact on social media marketing. Nowadays, however, it has been born out that micro influencers can have just as big an impact on their niche audiences, and can bring many of those individuals in as potential customers.

Greater Use of Analytics

One of the areas where social media marketing has seen the greatest advances are in the area of analytics. It’s now quite common to see marketing campaigns which are entirely data-driven, because so much information has become available, and has relevance toward marketing campaigns. Analytics will help you to learn more about your audience, measure your campaign successes, perform market research on new ideas, analyze the performance of your rivals, and follow all the latest trends on your brand’s social profiles.