Marketing can be done in a various amount of ways. One of the best ways to promote your business or products is through pointed interaction with clients and people. An easy way to accomplish this is through email marketing. While some may think this is old fashioned, here are five ways to help you see results through your online newsletter.


The more words you use in your emails, the less likely people are to read them. Find ways to keep your newsletters simple and to the point. You do not have to write every detail concerning a subject, just highlight the major points and move on. Add enough information to pique the reader’s interest but be careful not to overdo it. Sometimes less really is more.


Be aware of how the newsletter is doing and find ways to better it. Send out surveys to those who rarely open your emails with questions related to their reasoning. You could also send one to your faithful readers asking what you could do better or what makes them read each one you send. Try using different techniques to see what gets the most people interested in reading your newsletter.


People won’t know to sign up for your email if they don’t know it exists. Promote the newsletter by allowing people to register for it through various platforms. Whether through a post on social media, a link on your website, or a signup sheet in the office, let people know what they can sign up for. When asking people to join your contact list, provide information on what they will be receiving.


Offer readers the chance to become more engaged with the newsletter. You may use an exciting button that appears on the screen or a simple phrase that encourages action. Either way, you choose, give people a reason to follow through on your call to action. It could be providing a link to more information on a particular topic, or maybe your sending people to a site where they could play a game or have a good laugh.


The schedule of your newsletter should be the same. Your followers should know when they are going to receive your email. This provides readers something to look forward to as they anticipate the next update. You should also make sure your flow and tone stay the same for each newsletter. People rarely like things to change, so stay true to yourself throughout each article.

The key to a successful newsletter is making it something people want to read. Keep in mind some of these tips when writing yours.