If you run a small business, local consumers likely make up a large portion of your customer base. Focusing your efforts on local marketing may help you to quickly grow your company. In particular, local SEO has a lot of potentials. Despite this, many small businesses fail to fully capitalize on SEO. This could be a significant opportunity for your business.

What Is SEO?

Search engine optimization is the process of improving your web content to make it easier to find using a search engine. For example, if you sell camping equipment, you may want to have your website appear in more searches for “camping tent.” Your SEO strategy would involve optimizing your web pages to rank higher for searches for that keyword.

Tips on Local Search Engine Optimization

Optimizing for local search is a lot like general SEO. However, you are competing against a much smaller group of other businesses. This can help you to stand out more easily.

  • Leverage Google My Business: Take full advantage of your GMB profile. This lets you edit the details that appear for your business. This is absolutely essential to effective local search marketing.
  • Name, Address and Phone: If you want to attract local customers, you need your NAPs. Listing your name, address and phone number of your website will greatly improve your authority with search engines. You will attract far more customers in your area.
  • Links: As you may already know, links are important to increasing your search engine ranking. You can increase your local authority by building backlinks with other local organizations. Try asking partners for links to your site, sending out press releases, sponsoring events and otherwise getting your website linked on local, reputable sites.
  • Reviews: Local reviews are extremely powerful for marketing your small business. They increase your search engine authority, especially if you get consistent, genuine reviews. Additionally, they help persuade potential customers that your business is worth patronizing.

These tips can help you rank higher on local search results. Not only are you competing against fewer other businesses, but Google will also show your business on the map and in the “local pack.” In short, investing some time and effort into these tips is worthwhile.

Get Started

Take advantage of these local SEO strategies to grow your business. It may help to work with a marketing agency to help guide your efforts. Get started today and see what you can achieve.