Search engine optimization (SEO) and email marketing are usually considered to be two separate marketing channels. However, powerful benefits can be realized by using search insights to drive email campaigns.

Here are some ways to utilize SEO to inform your email marketing. 

  • Analyze Backlinks (Your Content). Content with a large number of backlinks indicates content that readers are finding interesting. If your popular content is relevant, share it with your email subscribers.
  • Analyze Backlinks (Competitors’ Content). Popular content topics that your competitors are offering can help you uncover new keywords to use and provide interesting topics for your emails.  
  • Analyze Time on Site. An analysis of traffic trends can identify content where visitors are spending the most amount of time. Including similar content in your emails will make your campaigns more engaging to recipients. 
  • Analyze Competitors’ High Ranking Keywords. Determine which keywords your competitors are ranking for, but you are not. Relevant keywords that you have not been using can be added to your content. 
  • Examine Your Least Visited Pages. You may have great content that is not getting the reader’s attention because it’s difficult to find. Rectify this problem and also increase readership by incorporating the content into your email campaigns.   

Using Email Marketing to Improve SEO

Just as SEO can help create better email campaigns, email marketing can be used to improve SEO, increase content visibility, and drive traffic. Here are some tips to enable wider dissemination of your content.

  • Encourage engagement with social media by including social icons in your content. 
  • Focus on content in your email marketing that readers will be more likely to share. 
  • Publish unique email content on your website allowing it to be indexed and to rank for new keywords.


SEO tools can provide you with an invaluable source of data to help inform content strategy and identify content gaps. Conversely, well-designed email campaigns can enhance SEO by promoting content and increasing user engagement. Drive Digital Demand can assist you in removing the wall existing between email marketing and SEO. Contact us for more information.