Though Facebook still remains at the top of the social media food chain, some of the other sites offer unique features for their unique audiences.

Twitter, for instance, focuses on short phrases and lots of messages coming in at once. Everyone from celebrities to presidents use it to share their thoughts on just about anything.


Instagram is more visual-focused and allows people to not only say what’s on their mind but display pictures of it. It’s popular with those who aren’t fan of reading, and can be fun to scroll through and see so many different photos, from people’s meals to selfies to a meme or two… or three.

Instagram is also especially for mobile users, especially since the desktop version is quite limited. It makes it easy to shoot a photo with your phone and then instantly upload it as an Instagram post.

Businesses can also use a variety of methods of Instagram marketing techniques to show off their products and service to users.

There are a several ways to get started, from people in charge of the official corporate account to post regularly, to several apps that can also help Instagram marketing efforts.

Some of the available tools include:

Swipe Up.

This tool makes it easier for users to learn about a business and how to get more info about it.


Instead of just posting on the main feed, people can make quick updates of photos, text, short video clips or all of the above. These also can be looked at anytime – the more Stories that build up, the more enjoyment viewers will have.


Though Instagram is already known for having an assortment of useful tools, PicMonkey offers even more useful tools for manipulating photos, incorporating graphics and allowing users to be a lot more creative in what they share.

There is a cost for some of this service, but if it can give a business an edge in their Instagram marketing, it can definitely make a difference in how a business can display itself visually to current and future followers.