Planning an effective digital marketing strategy these days has to include a lot of social media influence, as the majority of today’s consumers are using social networks on their mobile phones and making quick, one-click purchases related to their interests. Therefore, it’s crucial to not only promote your brand on your own social media pages but to attract more customers through the help of influencers. Influencer marketing is a high commodity, as tapping into an influencer’s resources and the massively large audience can help drive more sales of your product or service than anywhere else if done correctly. Read on to learn how tapping into the influencer market can optimize your own business strategy, leading you towards greater, long-term success as a result.

With thousands of influencer collaborations at your disposal, it can be hard to figure out exactly where, to begin with, your approach. Before you start anywhere, it’s vital to determine who your target audience is. Creating user personas can be a great tool for learning to advertise towards a specific group, and therefore choosing an influencer who’s relevant to this audience, who can resonate with their followers and utilize their extensive reach to help increase your sales. Meanwhile, it’s paramount that you understand that the greatest element of your newfound relationship with an influencer, and his or her relationship to the audience, is the level of trust involved. Look for engagement between your potential influencer candidates and their followers to see if the audience’s loyalty and respect for the influencers are actually going to translate into sales of your product. Without this aspect of the relationship, your strategy is moot.

In order to remain true to your company values and principles, you need to go into business with an influencer who shares the same tone of voice, who promotes a similar style and who produces relatable, creative content that you are looking to (or already do) post on your social media pages. Do your own research into the influencers in question to see what they’re all about before tying your business to their brand, perhaps even interacting with their audience yourself organically to get an idea of what these potential customers stand for. Once you’ve done your homework and have narrowed down an influencer you’d like to work with, a personal and professional email or direct message through the candidate’s preferred social network is the best way to start your new influencer-business relationship.

When building a modern digital marketing strategy, calling on influencers to help promote your brand should be a major part of your planning. Once you make the right connection, the rest is history.