Times are changing drastically when it comes to customer service and ads in the age of social media. Gone are the days when customers had to jump through hoops to reach companies. These days, customers can connect with a company with just a stroke of a keyboard, and conversely, companies can connect with customers easily, as well.

This is great for companies that really want to connect with their consumers and give them the highest quality customer service they can. If that’s you, then consider utilizing Facebook Messenger for customer service, as well as for advertisements directly to the consumer.

Recently, Facebook has announced that it will add more tools that enable businesses to use messenger to interact with customers, which has aided in the continued solidification of Facebook as a must-have service for companies to reach customers.

At this point, Facebook is rivaling Google as the top of the class when it comes to digital advertising, and with businesses spending more than ever on these types of ads than on offline spends, it’s key for businesses to get into the Facebook ad game.

Why Facebook Ads and Customer Services?

Facebook is becoming so full of ads at this point, however, that there is not a lot of real estates to go around for advertisements. Enter the Facebook messenger app.

As Mark Zuckerberg has stated, “The future is private.”

Taking ads from the main feed to customers messages might be seen by a callous person as a slow response by Facebook to combat the backlash they have faced about using customer data in ways that may be unlawful, and are at best, inappropriate. 

This may seem to be a cynical viewpoint that Facebook is making such changes based on customer and regulatory backlash, but in actuality, it might not be cynical enough.

This seems to many like part of Facebook’s plan all along.

As some experts have pointed out, it seems that since acquiring WhatsApp in 2014, Facebook has sought to control SMS and email, as well. They planned even back then to utilize these platforms to sell ads.

What Is The Value?

Facebook Messenger ads are so vital to your business these days because you can connect with current customers, instead of simply placing your ad in front of potential customers. You also ensure that you’re paying for content that goes to a targeted part of your audience to continue to drive sales. With Facebook’s customer service options, you can reach out directly to customers to help them iron out problems or enhance their opinion and image of your business.

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