A good landing page is arguably the most important part of your website. It’s the first thing a potential customer sees, and it’s what they use to decide (consciously or subconsciously) whether to stick around. That means your landing page is a critical opportunity to build brand loyalty. Here are some tips for doing that quickly and effectively.

Invest in High-Quality Design

People are visual creatures, which means that good design is fundamental to a successful landing page. Hire a professional web designer who knows their way around the colors, fonts, and layouts that will draw users in and lead to conversions.

Create Personalized Content

If you want to truly connect with users, you know that generic content only goes so far. To ramp up conversion rates, try creating multiple landing pages targeted to different audience segments. If you offer services in two different cities, build two landing pages with two sets of city-specific keywords and references to specific details about the area. Or, if you sell some products targeted to families and others to world travelers, it’s unlikely that the same keywords and content will attract both demographics. Know your audience and personalize.

Offer an Incentive

Want to give visitors that extra push to leave their email, buy a product, or take another action? Sweeten the deal! For instance, you can offer a 10%-off coupon for customers who join your email list, or feature a limited-time sale with a countdown timer.

Maintain Brand Consistency

Today’s modern business needs to be present in multiple arenas (website, social media, print marketing, etc). Make sure that wherever you appear, your brand is recognizable. Consistent colors and themes, a logo that stands out, and a tone that customers can get to know. If you want to sound friendly and wholesome, a sudden pivot to “funny and edgy” will only confuse your followers. 

By using these four principles to build your landing page, you’ll be well on your way to winning new customers for your business.