Infographics are dynamic tools for creating brand awareness. However, if handled improperly, they can lose their effectiveness. Superlative infographics are built in a methodical step by step process that includes a number of stages from strategizing to distribution. Here’s how to go about designing an infographic for your company.

Plan Your Strategy

First of all, definitively determine that an infographic is the best way to meet the marketing goals you have set for this project. Consider the demographic and psychological profiles of the target audience you are trying to reach. Determine what methods, such as analytics and tracking links, you are going to use to measure success. Make it clear who is assigned to see the project through to completion.

Generate Ideas

Get your creative people together for a brainstorming session. Be sure that everyone is on the same page as far as the audience and ultimate goals. Vet each coherent idea for relevancy and impact. Sum up your conclusions in a creative brief.

Compose Your Copy

The best infographics are story-oriented. Analyze your data, and put it together in a way that provides context, meaning, and insight. Instead of stuffing your infographic with as much information as you can, keep it simple, straightforward, and strong. If you have a lot to say, create a series of infographics rather than just one. Keep it simple, maintain the voice of your brand, and speak to the reader.

Create the Design

The first consideration in shaping the design is the venue in which the infographic will appear, whether website, mobile app or print publication. Visualize your information to reflect your brand. Maintain consistency in typefaces, but feel free to experiment with other aspects such as images and motion. Before you post or print your infographic, proof it and solicit feedback.

Send Your Infographic Out

Check the SEO on your infographic, and create a compelling subject line and pitch. Write a brief overview, and highlight a few attention-grabbing items of information. Remember, above all, to always keep your readers in mind.