Infographics are a perfect communication medium for today’s online world and a crucial content marketing booster. They combine the impact of an image, with readily available data, curated and illustrated for quick analysis and understanding. Images, like photos, are powerful at grabbing attention, and people are hungry for fast, clever interpretation of dry big data. Big data is being gathered constantly on the relatively transparent web, but the average person doesn’t have the ability or desire to spend time extracting meaning from all this data. This makes the infographic a superstar in online marketing. Let’s break down their appeal.

Why You Need Infographics for Online Marketing

Infographics are:

  • Attention-grabbing and convincing: Just add illustrations or graphics to well-analyzed and grouped facts–and viewers are addicted
  • Quick to scan and understand: Facts presented as both visuals and text capture two powerful human senses, bringing instant understanding and amusement.
  • Tempting and simple to share for admiration: Sharing something clever and easily understood with your friends or fans increases your online social standing.
  • Easy to embed and effective: Clever infographics make your website, blog or email look compelling and terrific—and you can easily embed within your content, using the often-included code. This also creates backlinks to your website content, increasing your popularity with Google.
  • Free to share: With no ad fees, using freely-shared infographic content marketing, you can reach your audience without paying for ad space or click-throughs.
  • Brand-building: Including your logo associates the infographic with your brand, improving online credibility.
  • Creates thought leaders: Infographics showcase your expertise, making you a trusted resource for your audience, who will soon buy from you based upon this valuable, close relationship.
  • Traffic magnets: With included backlinks, people can easily click over to your website or social media channel, exposing them to more of your content marketing.
  • SEO boosters (Search Engine Optimization): Your easily gained, infographic-inspired, backlinks increase your search engine credibility, improving your organic search results.

Find a tool online to help you create them, and infographics become relatively simple to turn out. Contact Drive Digital Demand to exponentially expand your content marketing results. Get started today.