Display ads have long yielded poor conversion rates and click-through rates, but there’s a good reason for that. As opposed to searching ads that are served up to users who are intentionally looking for something, display ads are merely added on to informational sites or plugged into news feeds, where they must compete for users’ attention along with everything else there. Here are some great ways you can spice up your display ads, so they’ll have a better chance of attracting some attention.

Shock Advertising

This approach to display ads features one or more shocking images, which a user simply cannot ignore. Once the outrageous image has captured someone’s attention, the rest of the ad can be read, and the point can be made.

Use Colors to Advantage

Remember the psychological effect that some colors can have on the mind, and choose those colors for your display ads which will be most effective in accompanying your message. Make sure to use contrasting colors as well, so your ad stands out.

Offer a Discount

If you can offer a discount on your product which makes users feel as if they’ve won a major victory, you just might score a victory yourself. People always feel better about making a purchase if they feel they’ve beaten the system and gotten a significant discount.

Incorporate Humor

Incorporating humor can be a very successful tack, and can deliver good results, provided you come up with something that’s genuinely funny. You may have to consult with your team comedian to inject just the right funny touches to your display ads.

Evoke Emotion

Evoking emotion from your readers can be one of the best ways of connecting with them. Develop a display ad that evokes happiness, sadness, anger, or surprise, and you will probably establish an instant connection with your readers.

Target a Specific Audience

The nature of display ads is such that you can use them to target very specific local audiences. Use this capability to appeal to the segment of your audience most likely to purchase after seeing your ad.

Consider the Platform

When you’re designing your display ads, you should consider the platform which will be running on. Take advantage of those features of whichever of the social media your ad will be displayed on, so you can get more value from running your ad.