Effective marketing, especially in this digital era, poses a challenge for small business owners. Not only budget constraints, but also other demands on your time make it difficult to give marketing the attention it deserves. Here are six essential strategies to keep in mind when planning small business digital marketing.

Claim Your Name

Statistics show that most people use the Google search engine to find the products and services that they need. For this reason, it makes sense to claim the free Google My Business page for your company. Fill in your business’s name, location, URL, and other important contact information. Liven up the page with relevant posts and photos.

Target the Top Channels

If you disperse your small business digital marketing effort too widely, you may minimize its effectiveness. Instead, focus in on the best channels to achieve the results you need. For instance, B2B companies may want to primarily use LinkedIn. Other businesses may get better results through Facebook or Instagram.

Use Email Campaigns to Win Customers

The majority of potential customers are open to receiving promotional emails from reputable companies. Set up a method of collecting email addresses on your websites such as contact forms, pop-ups, free trials, and giveaway offers. Consider automating your email campaign to provide welcome messages, announcements of new products, promotional discounts, and other content.

Make Your Brand Voice Unique

Deciding on a brand voice involves getting to know your target audience so that you can build a connection. Considerations include the age of your customers, whether the personality of your brand is informal or formal, and what channels you primarily use for your small business digital marketing.

Create Quality Presentations

If your budget is limited, focus on creating a moderate amount of quality content rather than a large volume of mediocre content. Market your best content on the most effective channels for your business. Be sure to analyze the results of your efforts.

Keep Your Content Relevant

Video content looms large in the digital marketing efforts of most companies. Use videos to explain your products and services, and consistently update your content to keep it engaging and relevant.