The key to turning your lifestyle product into a successful and strong brand is marketing; are you actively marketing your product? Take a page from the book of four inspirational brands that have become household names due to their unique and clever marketing strategies.

Four inspirational lifestyle products that later became strong brands are:


Who doesn’t recognize the familiar swoosh symbol of athletic mogul Nike? Through catchy visuals, simple slogans, and a history of providing quality footwear to all members of the family, Nike has been able to become a trusted and easily recognized the household name. Through this perceived reliability, consumers are willing to bypass other brands to purchase Nike products.

Red Bull

The quaint and cartoon-like commercial spots have made Red Bull beverages a familiar entity with a wide range of Americans- even if you don’t like energy drinks! The slogans and seemingly humble marketing approach make them a brand that you want to buy and help succeed. It must be working as Red Bull sold over six-billion cans of their energy drink worldwide in 2016 alone.


Sell more than a product, sell a lifestyle that compels buyers to make the purchase. The perfect example of this is the tactics used by marketing for Airstream campers. Sure, these are merely recreational vehicles targeted toward the demographic that invest in RVs, but who can resist what the Airstream camper represents? With its vintage style and free-wheeling attitude, buying an RV seems like a way of capturing an era or a way of life that can be elusive.

La Croix 

There is something romantic, even sexy about La Croix. A simple product given a distinctive style and mood can be a success- just look at La Croix. Flavored seltzers are nothing new, but La Croix introduces it as the beverage of celebrities; want to live like a model or a rock star? Seeing these celebs with a cold can of La Croix in-hand makes it seem more feasible.

The successful outcome that these four brands have had comes from building a relationship with their buying audience. This is achieved through marketing, an alluring logo, and a lasting, reinforced message to the consumer.

Sell more than a product; sell a lifestyle. Use tips from the successes of these four familiar brands and apply them to the marketing of your own products to foster name recognition and enhance sales.