Now that you’ve created some terrific video content to promote your business, you need to get people to watch it online.

Here’s how to use basic video marketing to gain an audience for your video:

Describe: Write an attractive description of the solution your video provides for the potential viewer. The description has to be relevant for your audience, so include keywords, but don’t stuff your description with them. Make the description attractive for the user, the human, not just a search engine. (If the user is reading your video description, they’re past the search engine portion of their journey anyway.) Now your job is to get the click, so they’ll view your video! Concentrating on the solution you’re providing helps you earn the click because online users are typically seeking solutions for problems. Business owners, like you, are in the business of selling the solution to the user’s problem.

Activate: You have to ask for what you want, especially with the short attention spans and multiple interruptions we all experience these days. You must craft a specific CTA and one that makes your reader want to click (in order to watch your awesome video and get the solution they’re seeking). This is similar to the “close” used in face-to-face selling, where the salesperson specifically asks for the sale/goal. (Just sign this contract and get the keys to your new car!) Write a CTA that not only tells your reader to click but motivates them to click. Convey “what’s in it for them” when they click.

For example: Click now and learn how to beat your traffic ticket, in 30 seconds or less!

Noting that your video is short, with little time commitment needed, is also powerful and motivating. You might want to try for a greater goal—get the reader to subscribe to your YouTube channel for future videos.

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Humanize: Your videos are helping to establish your online reputation as an expert and (most likely) a friendly, entertaining person with a good sense of humor that people like to watch. Inject a bit of personality into your video to help you stand out in the crowd of competitors.

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